16.03.2019 + 17.03.2019 – Bachata Inspire

For the third round of bachata workshops in Graz, we prepared 5 hours of * progressive workshops with bachata technique and many bachata elements for you to include into your dancing. Because of great interest for our bachata workshops we put 2 days that you can apply for. For each day there is limited space because of quality of teaching so please book your day and your place on time. You can apply for one or for both days.

12:00 – 13:00h Musicality & Song composition theory
13:00 – 14:00h Musicality & Song composition practice
14:00 – 14:30h Practice time / Break time
14:30 – 15:45h Bachata Inspire newest combination
15:45 – 17:00h Bachata sensual newest combination

17.03. SUNDAY
14:00 – 15:00h Musicality & Song composition theory
15:00 – 16:00h Musicality & Song composition practice
16:00 – 16:30h Practice time / Break time
16:30 – 17:45h Bachata Inspire newest combination
17:45 – 19:00h Bachata sensual newest combination

19 – 20h Ask your teacher + Social party time
19 – 22h Bachata party

* Progressively means that if you know the basic step, you can catch up with all the workshops because it starts from explaining each element, from the first to the last workshop, and combines it all in the final product. This workshops are for beginners who know basics, improvers and intermediate bachata dancers.

We will start with Musicality & Song composition, where you will learn what is musicality and what is a song composed of. How to understand and predict the dynamics of the song, intro, verse, chorus, drop and other parts of the song. What are the layers of a song and how to dance to different instruments. All this theory + practice will be presented to you.
Roberto, dance instructor of Bachata Inspire, has been a music producer for 7 years and managed his own studio. Roberto will bring you the musicality of a song from a totally different perspective – the perspective of a music producer and a dancer.
After Musicality & Song composition we will continue with bachata inspire and sensual combinations.

Price till 31.01. = 40€
If you buy between 20.01. and 28.02. = 45€
If you buy after 28.02. = 50€
* If you apply for both days you just have to pay extra 20€

Bachata Inspire brings you the latest trends from the bachata world, learn to dance sensual bachata at the level of dance festivals. More about Bachata Inspire at facebook.com/bachatainspire or bachatainspire.com. Your bachata instructors are Roberto & Gloria from Zagreb, Croatia.

Location of the workshops: Eggenberger Allee 3, 8020 Graz (Movements dance gym)

See you soon 🙂
Roberto & Gloria

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